Westhill is not for moving!

As previously commented on here, the UK Parliament constituencies are being redrawn. Scotland as well as the rest of the UK will have less constituencies (therefore less MPs). The Boundary Commission for Scotland has made recommendations and these are open to public consultation at the link here. There’s still time for you to send in your comments – you have until Monday 27th March.

I have sent the following submission to the Boundary Commission consultation on the back of suggestions by Lord McInnes of Kilwinning to pluck Westhill and District out of its natural habitat and move it in to the Kincardine and Angus East constituency. Please make your views known over the next few days and send a strong message to the Commission that we’re not for moving!

I wish to record my strong opposition to the suggestion made by Lord McInnes of Kilwinning that the Commission examine whether an alternative solution is available by replacing Banchory with Westhill in the new Kincardine and Angus East constituency.

The council wards are numbered to coincide with their location within the local map and their proximity to each other. It makes no sense whatsoever to group Westhill and District (Ward 13) in with wards 17, 18, and 19 in the new Kincardine and Angus East and have Banchory (ward 16) in with wards 8,9,10,11,12 and 14 in the new Gordon and Deeside constituency.

Ward 13 has a strong historic link with Gordon and West Aberdeenshire. My Westhill and District ward is surrounded by wards 10, 12, 14, 15 and 16. To remove ward 13 would be like picking out the middle piece of a jigsaw puzzle to leave a gaping hole rather than have wards flowing through constituencies logically.

Please resist Lord McInnes’ proposal and ensure that Westhill and District remains with its rightful close family in the Gordon and Deeside constituency.

Iris Walker




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