Communications with RBS continue

I realise it is some time now since our original meeting at the Library with RBS representatives and I just wanted to update you on what has been happening since then.

At the end of June, as requested at the first meeting, RBS agreed to meet with representatives of our three local community councils: Westhill & Elrick, Echt & Skene and Cluny & Midmar. Here is a brief summary of the issues addressed:

15 local managers of Post Office branches will be contacted throughout July (this includes the Stonehaven and Banchory ones as well as Westhill, as they have RBS branches closing as well). The aim is to find out what support they require moving forward and how best to support them in meeting alternative banking needs.

  • A schedule has been drawn up for provision of a mobile branch service. The mobile van will stop at Trinity Church twice a week (to be confirmed). The vans will be upgraded before October.
  • Some charities have not yet received a letter about the branch closure. There is a direct number for clubs and societies accounts – 0345 600 2230 – and individual clubs are advised to make contact
  • Discussions are ongoing between RBS head office and the landlord of the unit at Westhill Shopping Centre over leases. Until these discussions are concluded, confirmation of whether the ATMs will remain in the same location cannot be given.
  • Tech-xperts are in the branch 2 days one week, 3 days the next, available to help customers with their digital questions
  • The Banking Protocol document which we requested will be available in the branch mid to end of August

I will endeavour to give you further updates as they are available but I hope this is helpful in the meantime and grateful thanks to the community council chairs and secretary who attended the meeting to gather this further information.

One thought on “Communications with RBS continue

  1. Alan Edwards says:

    Newest RBS advert claims to be the “Bank FOR Scotland”

    But, not if one lives in Westhill!

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