Large number of bids received for development around Westhill and District in the new LDP

As part of the preparation of the Local Development Plan (LDP) 2021, Aberdeenshire Council invited applicants to nominate land for development (known as the ‘Call for Sites’ stage). This stage ran from 3rd January until 31st March 2018. During this period, any interested parties could submit a ‘bid’ to have land allocated for housing, business or mixed use development. The council received in excess of 500 bids from landowners, developers and agents.

‘Call for Sites’ is the first formal stage in developing the new LDP. The next step is to assess all submitted bids. The assessment then forms the basis of the Main Issues Report. You can stay up to date by viewing regular updates on the Local Development Plan progress here.

I have set out the bids by area. It is normal practice for developers to approach community councils for support for their bids so please do keep in touch with your local community council and look for further updates here and on the council website.


120 houses at Land at Kinmundy Westhill

180 houses at Land at Strawberry Fields, Westhill

100 houses (phase 1) on Land to the west of Westhill south of the A944

500 houses (phase 2) on Land to the west of Westhill south on the A944

2,500 houses plus 2 primary schools and a secondary school including integrated community and leisure facilities, and a neighbourhood centre (incorporating phases 1 and 2 above) on Land to the Westhill south of the A944 and north of B9119

77 houses Mains of Kinmundy – 1

87 houses Mains of Kinmundy – 2 

Up to 100 houses at Brodiach

250 houses Broadshade

750-900 houses at Damhead/Cadgerford, Backhill, Westhill

6 houses land north of Keirhill Way

70 houses plus public park and practice area for Westhill Golf Club on land at Souterhill Farm, Westhill

12 houses Hill of Keir

Mixed class development including Business, General Industrial, Storage and Distribution and Hotel Arnhill Phase 4

100 houses at Cairnfield, Westhill

35 houses north of Meadowlands (phase 1)

40 houses north of Meadowlands (phase 2)

49 houses site adjacent to Westhill Drive (north west of Meadowlands)

Housing (numbers to be confirmed) at Former Blockworks site, Straik Road, Elrick

90 houses (in two phases) at Land at Mains of Keir

25 houses on site adjacent to Wester Ord Farmhouse


35-45 houses on land off Old Skene Road, Kirkton of Skene (near Kesson Gardens)

20-30 houses on land north of Glebe Land, Kirkton of Skene


5 houses on site to north of Little Acre, Lyne of Skene

15 houses on land north of Letter Road, Lyne of Skene

7 houses at Mains of Skene, Lyne of Skene

157 over three sites in Lyne of Skene village


25 houses on Land north of Forbes Park, Echt

28 houses on land south east of Echt, south of B9119

Employment use on land adjacent to Birchmoss Depot


15 houses at Burnside, Sauchen

40 houses Sauchen West phase 1

160 houses Sauchen West phase 1-4 (includes 40 above)

Retail use/coffee shop land to south west of Sauchen

6 houses south of Cluny Primary School

40-50 houses South Sauchen

100-120 houses South Sauchen

150 houses over 3 phases on land to North West of Sauchen


20 houses West of Midmar, near Midmar School

4 houses at Tillybirloch, Midmar

3 houses on land to East of 1 Marionburgh Cottages, Midmar

10 houses at Roadside of Corsindae, Midmar


15 houses at Roadside of Garlogie


8 houses on land adjacent to Flora’s, Cullerlie


50 houses on land immediately to the north of Dunecht, adjacent B977











One thought on “Large number of bids received for development around Westhill and District in the new LDP

  1. David A. Sleigh says:

    I am deeply concerned by the proposal by Dunecht estate to erect 2500 houses and related infrastructure to the west of Westhill. Our green areas are being constantly eroded and this development would have an adverse effect on protected areas and areas of scientific interest and would also affect the areas wildlife.
    It is hard to see how this development can be justified in an area where the housing market is depressed. I fully support the council’s view that development should not take place to the west of Westhill.

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