Update on Broadshade playpark

broadshade bin

As an update following concerns raised from many residents, I have had the following response from the Estates Manager at LPM, the factor looking after Broadshade:

“Our ground contractors  are due on site only once a month during the winter (every fortnight  from April – Sept) and are due at Broadshade next week.  Last year signage and notices were sent out to every household asking for residents to use the appropriate bins and not leave bags in the playpark.

However what we have found out since is that many of the dog walkers/runners are not from the Broadshade area, they are in fact from other parts of Westhill.

Our contractors are there to clear the litter from those bins not dog mess on their scheduled visits, if we have to remove dog mess outwith our scheduled visits, then that charge is passed onto residents . It’s not something we want to do, however from an environmental health point of view we think it’s essential when it comes to  playpark safety.

Sadly this is a problem that we find on most estates, the dog bins at Broadshade are more than adequate,  unfortunately it’s just a shame people don’t use them.

Our contractors will remove the mess next week on their scheduled visit at to no cost of the residents.”

Anonymous letter

Could the person who sent a letter to me through the post regarding dog barking please get back in touch as you did not include your name and address. Unfortunately I cannot take action on any issue raised anonymously but would be very happy to help if you get back to me with full details.


Litter and dog fouling survey – Westhill and District



As you will see from the Summer issue of the Westhill Bulletin, I am seeking residents’ views on litter and dog fouling in the local area. There are many initiatives out there to help tackle both of these issues and I would greatly value your views on how litter and dog fouling affects you and what you think would help.

If you want feedback from the survey or want to be kept up to date, please insert your email address in to one of the comment boxes within the survey.

The survey can be accessed here:


Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Graffiti removal

Aberdeenshire Council and its community planning partners have secured funding to continue a free graffiti removal service to ensure it is removed as quickly as possible. They encourage members of the public and businesses to use this service.

I was delighted to work with Councillor Gurudeo Saluja earlier this year to arrange to have graffiti removed from various locations around Westhill. Once the locations had been identified and reported, the work was carried out within days.