Join Scotland’s fight against fire

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I am very happy to support the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s campaign to promote fire safety for older people this week.

During this period fire-fighters throughout Scotland will be deployed to protect vulnerable people in a nationwide ‘week of action’ aimed at preventing accidental house fires and the tragedies they cause.

The unprecedented move follows a recent appeal from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service for the public to help it reach those most likely to be killed or injured as a result of fire in the home.

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Tick Tock Test

Scottish Fire & Rescue


The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is asking you to test your smoke alarms as part of the Fire Kills campaign ‘Tick, Tock, Test’, which encourages people to use the clock change on Sunday 27th October as a reminder to test their smoke alarms.

Last year 197 people died in fires in the home. You are 4 times more likely to die in a fire in the home if there is no working smoke alarm. So when you change your clocks, test your smoke alarms. It takes no time at all and gives you and your family a better chance of surviving a fire. Tick. Tock. Test.

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Let’s take the heat out of this debate…..

Much has been said about the removal of the saltires from two appliances belonging to Grampian Fire & Rescue Service. The saltires had been added for a display at Truckfest 2012 and were removed before the appliances became operational. A row ensued over whether the saltires should be displayed on all fire vehicles. According to the press, it seems people are offended by their removal and they claim some were offended by their existence!

Most of the professionals I know in the Fire & Rescue Service are just that – too professional to express their view on the livery of their fire engines. They’re too busy getting on with the marvellous job they do.

Most sane members of the public and even politicians would hold back from wading into a row over flags when it concerns one of the emergency services on which we all rely.

Personally, if my house was on fire, I couldn’t care less if the fire engine was pink with tartan spots on or carried the flag of Timbuktu as long as it carried dedicated fire fighters with the right equipment to tackle the blaze.

Let’s remember what the emergency services are here for and let them get on with their job.