Damaged lamp standard on Carnie Crescent

The lamp standard at the entrance to Leddach Grange on Carnie Crescent has, I am sure, been in this state for some time. I contacted Aberdeenshire Council today who recorded my complaint. I am not particularly pedantic about how straight our lamp posts should be, but more concerned for the safety aspect. I suspect a vehicle has been in contact with it as the bottom of the post is buckled and obviously the structure is weakened as a result.  As the road has not yet been fully adopted by Aberdeenshire Council, it may be that the developer still has responsibility for maintenance of street lamps here and Aberdeenshire Council have promised to clarify this. I do hope that whoever has responsibility for it takes it and that we will see a speedy repair.

Damage to fencing

There are a number of ongoing issues in Leddach Grange at the moment. One is the recurrence of damage done to the fencing which cordones off the burn running between Burnland Place and Carnie Avenue. Apparently strips of fencing has been removed by residents to provide a short-cut! Yesterday I spoke to Greenbelt Group who are responsible for the maintainance here and was assured that they are dealing with this issue. The hold-up seems to be a lack of response from home owners to correspondence sent by Greenbelt regarding repairs. I will keep you updated.