Cluny, Midmar & Monymusk community council dates

Cluny, Midmar & Monymusk Community Council have announced dates for their regular meetings in 2018 which are open to all residents residing in the local area. You can keep up to date with the community council on their website which includes the link to their Facebook page.

11th January 7.15pm Cluny Church Hall
22nd February 7.00pm Midmar Hall
5th April 7.00pm Monymusk Hall
17th May 7.15pm Cluny Church Hall
28th June 7.00pm Midmar Hall
9th August 7.00pm Monymusk Hall
20th September 7.15pm Cluny Church Hall
1st November 7.00pm Midmar Hall
13th December 7.00pm Monymusk Hall


Cluny, Midmar & Monymusk meeting dates 2017

The following dates and venues have been received from Cluny, Midmar & Monymusk Community Council for their meetings in 2017.

Meetings will start at 7pm, except for those held in Cluny Church Hall, which will start at 7:15pm.

26 January                              Midmar Hall

16 March                                Cluny Church Hall

20 April                                   Monymusk Hall

1 June                                     Midmar Hall

20 July                                    Cluny Church Hall

31 August                                Monymusk Hall

12 October                              Midmar Hall

23 November (AGM)               Monymusk Hall

Cluny, Midmar & Monymusk dates confirmed

Cluny, Midmar & Monymusk Community Council have confirmed the following dates for their future meetings in 2016:

May 19th                              Midmar Hall (7.00 pm)

June 30th                             Cluny Church Hall (7.15 pm)

August 11th                         Monymusk Village Hall (7.00pm)

September 22nd                Cluny Church Hall (7.15 pm)

November 3rd                   Midmar Hall (7.00pm) AGM

December 15th                  Monymusk Village Hall (7.00pm)







It’s a date for Echt & Skene

At Echt & Skene Community Council meeting tonight, the following dates were set for their meetings to see them through to early 2017. A short synopsis of tonight’s meeting can be found on my facebook page.

Wed 8th June at Milne Hall, Kirkton of Skene

Wed 27th July – Lyne of Skene Hall

Wed 7th Sept – Dunecht Hall

Wed 26th Oct – Echt Hall

Wed 7th Dec – Garlogie Hall (to be confirmed)

Wed 25th Jan – Milne Hall, Kirkton of Skene

Wed 8th March – Lyne of Skene Hall

Wed 26th April (AGM) – Echt Hall

All 7.30pm start.

Echt & Skene Community Council future meetings

Dates for your diary:

Echt & Skene Community Council at their recent meeting set the following dates for future meetings. All start at 7.30pm:

Wednesday 17th June 2015 at Kirkton of Skene

Wednesday 12th August 2015 at Lyne of Skene

Wednesday 23rd September 2015 at Dunecht

Wednesday 4th November 2015 at Echt

Wednesday 16th December 2015 at Kirkton of Skene

Wednesday 27th January 2016 at Lyne of Skene

Wednesday 9th March 2016 at Dunecht

Wednesday 20th April 2016 (AGM) at Echt

Community Council election to be held for Midmar

A Cluny, Midmar and Monymusk Community Council election will take place for three positions in the Midmar Parish this month.

The local community has nominated four prospective Midmar community councillors but there are only three places available.

For Cluny and Monymusk the number of nominations are equal to, or less than, the positions available, therefore an election is not required.

The election for Midmar will take place in Midmar Hall between 6-8pm on Thursday, January 22.

Community councils represent the views, and act on behalf, of local communities and are a crucial element in the democratic process. They can campaign for local issues at both a regional and national level. 

At a local level, responsibilities can include responding to planning applications, organising local galas, setting up lunch clubs for elderly residents, and printing and distributing local newsletters.

Garioch Area Manager, Doug Milne, said: “Community councillors can be your first point of contact when it comes to issues that matter in your area and provide another route for local views to feed in to the work of Aberdeenshire Council.

“I would urge people who live in the Midmar area and who are interested in what happens in their area to engage with the democratic process, and to come along to the community council election and vote.”
For more information about Cluny, Midmar and Monymusk Community Council, including meeting minutes, see its website.

For more information on community councils, see the website.